Volunteer Staff

Mike Poland-Volunteer

My name is Mike Poland I’m a Vietnam vet and I suffer from PTSD as a lot of vets do. I have had Nemo for three years. Nemo was endorsed as an emotional support animal in2014. I knew that I wanted him to be a service dog and in 2015 I discovered Battle Buddy Service Dogs, Inc.  After successfully completing the training I now volunteer to help other veterans.







Lorraine Kyle-Veteran Liasion

I am Lorraine I am a wife of a Wounded Veteran with PTSD, TBI and Right Leg Amputee and a mother of 7.  My husband, Abe trained his service dog Buster through Battle Buddy Service Dogs, Inc. I know first- hand the difference it has made for my husband and our family.

I am excited to help the Veterans with their applications and I am glad for the opportunity to be able to help with this wonderful organization and Pay It Forward.



Abe Kyle-Trainer

My name is Abe Kyle. I am married to Lorraine Kyle the Application Coordinator. I served in the Army for 23 years. I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom from December 2003 through June 2005 an Operation Enduring Freedom from February 2006 through March 2009 where I was injured by a rocket propelled grenade on August 8th, 2006. I learned about BBSD from Doctor Demark through the Kansas City Veterans Hospital. BBSD accepted my dog Buster and I into the program in June of 2016. Buster and I graduated in November 2016.I never wanted to do anything before I got into the BBSD Program, the program has changed my life tremendously now I’m able to go out into society and try to enjoy life again rather than sitting around the house. I look forward to helping other veterans who have disabilities like I have to try to make them have purpose in their lives again.




Sarah Sanford-Adoption Coordinator

My name is Sarah Sanford and I’m the wife of a veteran with PTSD. I’m also a huge dog lover. I’m excited to combine my love for dogs and desire to help veterans.

Our service dog has been a tremendous blessing to my husband and our entire family. I look forward to helping other veterans find the right dog for them and their needs



Angie Noah-Owens-Event Coordinator

Angie has been married to Kevin for 7 years.  They have 2 teen boys still at home.  In the beginning of their marriage, the boys and Angie would have to go out to dinner or shopping without Kevin because of his PTSD.  Since BBSD has changed their life, they can all go out together as a family more often.

As a retired teacher, Angie assists BBSD with Event Coordination since she enjoys educating the public about our organization and looking for new ways to share our mission.